Monday, October 24, 2011

Deux mois!! (two months)

    So I've lived in the lovely little city of Draguignan France for two months now. I must say I love it so much I do not even want to think about leaving and going back to America. Although I have had about three dreams about how my exchange is somehow already over and it's the summer again and I'm on a plane back to the states thinking...wasn't it just October? And then I wake up and realize it's okay it's still October. I am so happy here, and I've already noticed a change in myself. Being an exchange student, you have to be calm and ready for just about anything and be willing to eat just about anything. I have eaten some very interesting foods since I've been here.
    Right now it is very cold here, atleast for me..and people keep telling me that it gets cold and I just say awesome. I really need to buy some more warm clothes because I really don't think that my winter wardrobe will do. I love walking to school in the morning even though I am freezing the entire way there. A very important lesson that I learned is: A scarf is your best friend, it can really make a difference in you getting a cold or you staying warm and not getting sick. I honestly don't know how I am going to live through the weather getting any colder, being from Alabama, I am not used to such cold was 40 degrees F when I walked to school the other day. But I guess as long as I have my scarf and gloves and maybe a hat then I'll be okay.
    The other day my host father told me that he thought I would probably forget all about my host mother and him after I went home. I had no idea how to say this in french but I thought to myself how in the world could I possibly forget someone who has impacted my life so much? I don't think I could, they are like my real parents I feel like part of the family and I will never forget them. I hope I can come visit them sometime soon. Well I just did six hours of homework for my English online class so I'm exhausted, au revoir..pour maintent!(:

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